Free IX NET is a network operating under AS50869 that’s participating in several Internet Exchange Peering LANs around Europe. It then allows members of Free IX Greece to interconnect with these exchanges by receiving the remote prefixes and advertising theirs, through BGP sessions with that AS.

Here’s how it works:

Architectural map of Free IX NET

All Free IX NET members have the ability to set up a BGP session with the NET AS and then announce their prefixes to it. Every prefix learned outside the country will be sent over this session, while members’ prefixes that are sent will be propagated to all peers around Europe.

Prefixes received by members have informational communities that allow them to make decisions, such as for example to only accept prefixes learned in one exchange (e.g. FrysIX), or in one metro area (e.g. Amsterdam).

Free IX NET is available for free for all members of Free IX Greece, for capacities up to 1 Gbps, over their existing ports, and on top of the same Peering LAN.

Participating Exchanges